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Pattaya is a short ride away from Bangkok and is an amazing beach side town with all the fun and night life many tourists are looking for when traveling to Thailand. Beach Road and Walking Street are the two areas to visit when looking for such party spots. Beer bars, go-go clubs, and Pattaya massage parlors are everywhere. If you have just arrived in Thailand, a traditional Thai massage is a must after a long international flight. Thai massage is considered Thai traditional medicine, which is recognized and regulated by the government. Thai massage is an ancient form of medical discipline used for the treatment of a wide variety of ailments. No oils are used during a Thai massage. The patient is asked to wear loose garments, supplied by the massage parlor. After relaxing a while on a comfortable mat on the floor, the masseuse will stretch and massage the body along the Sen lines, or meridians of your body. Long before your half hour to an hour is over, you will be a believer in the healing powers of Thai massage. A Thai massage will cost about $5-$30 US depending on how long you want. Go for the hour. You'll be glad you did.

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Pattaya MassagePattaya also offers something known as a Soapy Massage. If you are thinking naughty thoughts, this is more along the line of Pattaya massage for you. Up front you are charged for a simple soapy massage where a young girl of your choosing uses her body to rub water and soap all over your body. Anything else is negotiable, and up to each individual involved. Who knows what's possible, as the sky's the limit with this sort of Pattaya massage. Maybe you'll get lucky. Be sure to bring your own condoms and practice safe sex if you find a partner in Pattaya.

Pattaya is a party town. All along Beach Road the beer bars are full of girls wanting to spend some time and get to know you over a beer. Stop, say hello, see what's going on. If nothing catches your eye, move on, there are so many beer bars to choose from. The go-go clubs are louder and wilder than the beer bars. Depending if you want a wild night or mellow night, Pattaya has it all. Be sure to see the amazing Lady-Boy show at Tiffany's. The lavish sets and musical numbers are bigger than most shows on Broadway. It's a must see when in Pattaya. After the show, all the Lady-Boys come out to take photos with the tourists. Expect to pay the performers to take a photo with you. Have a few baht in your pocket if you intend to get your photo taken with the performers. Nothing worse than angry drag queens, believe me.

Many hotels in Pattaya offer massage so you can stay in your private room and relax all day if you wish. There are a ton of Pattaya hotels to stay in during your visit to Thailand. Depending on what you find comfortable, they have it in Pattaya. Take a little time, check out the hotel web sites and see what fits you best.

Some of the most popular Thai massage parlors and massage schools in Pattaya are:

Oasis Spa Pattaya Chatau Dale 322 Chateau Dale Hotel Thappaya Road Pattaya 20150, Thailand +66 38 364 070

Thai Charming Massage Co., LTD South Pattaya Rd, Na Kluea, Pattaya, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand +66 87 784 5580

Ruenmai Spa Massage School Pattaya 333/2 20150, Thailand +66 89 214 1118